10 Factors You Need to Master to Maximize Customer Retention

When putting together strategies that will maximize your customer retention, remember these 10 factors:

  1. Consistency – offering customers the same experience regardless of with whom they speak or where they are.
  2. Loyalty – creating an emotional connection to your organizations and its products and services.
  3. Innovation – constantly bringing new offerings and ideas to customers
  4. Value – offering products and services that meet a customer need.
  5. Quality – offering products and services that meet the quality expectations of your customers.
  6. Convenience – being easily accessible.
  7. Prestige – customers feel good about being associated with your organization.
  8. Service – resolving customer issues quickly and effectively.
  9. Habit – customers buy from you because it’s become a part of their regular routine.
  10. Benefit – offering real or perceived benefit to customers.

How many of these 10 factors are you doing effectively?

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