Why Moving is like Running a Business

I am moving on Thursday and am neck-deep in boxes, paintings, bubble wrap and suitcases. Remind me never to do this again. I couldn't help but think about how a successful move is similar to running a successful business:

1. You need to have the right people – selecting movers may sound simple, but the wrong movers will damage your goods, take longer than anticipated and provider low-quality service, just like the wrong employees will have a negative impact on your business.

2. You need to have a vision and a plan – you cannot pack up your whole house in a day, so you need a vision of what you want to accomplish and when. Executing the plan then becomes paramount so you are not scrambling at the last minute. In business, vision and planning are essential to success.

3. You need to have fun – moving can be one of the most stressful things a family can do so you need to have fun with it. Joke with the movers, expect delays and that things are not going to go perfectly. Like running a business, unexpected events will arise and you need to take everything with the right mindset.

Who would have thought I could compare moving to running a business? But there, I just did. Wish me luck!

Legislating Hospitals in Ontario-Bill 122

After all of the reports and findings from reporters and the Auditor General of Ontario, more legislation has come down on Ontario hospitals. Bill 122 gives hospitals more regulations that they need to follow around the reporting of consultants, about governance and about freedom of information. The interesting part is around freedom of information. On January 1, 2012, hopsitals will be subject to requests for information by anyone in the general public. Obviously there are some restrictions on what can be requested (no patient records or confidential information like that), but it is essentially a free-for-all for anyone that wants to make a request. The interesting part is that the legislation makes requests retroactive for five years. Meaning that requests can be made for information that dates back to 2007, when none of this was even contemplated.

If you work in a hospital, things are about to change, so get used to it.

Returning That Phone Message Makes You a Better Person

It does not take much to differentiate yourself these days, just return someone's phone call. Whether it is a customer, potential customer, colleague, friend…it does not matter, just return the call. I am amazed at how many voicemail messages go unreturned. It is certainly a humbling experience when you leave someone one or two messages and hear nothing back. Why is it humbling? Think about the messages that you don't return. Why don't you return them? Because you don't deem the person to be important enough to take up your precious time or you feel all they want is something from you. Scary eh? It scares me if that is the way that I am being perceived by others.

Building relationships, customer service, winning business, getting good value, soliciting donations and a million other outcomes are based on strong relationships. One way to start building and maintaining strong relationships is to return people's calls. Something that is very simple and easy to do.