3 things to remember for 2010

Now that we are approaching the new year, may we all live long and prosper in 2010, the Year of the Recovery. Since I may not post again until after the new year, here are three things to remember for 2010 (this is actually a re-post from something I posted in early 2009, but no one wanted to listen to me then):

Expand your customer base – offer new products or sell existing products to new markets. Look for complimentary products that you can offer customers and reposition existing products to new markets.
Expand your talent base – snatch up the resources that your competitors are letting go. With more people on the market, your options in the talent pool are increased, so look to shore up your strengths and supplement weaknesses with industry talent.
Expand your investments – purchase the new technology that you need to get to the next level and look at new equipment to streamline operations. Make the customer experience more inviting. Get product to them faster and easier. There are deals to be made with suppliers.

2010 is going to be a great year, so I wish you all the best during the holidays and beyond!

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