A delivery charge for room service?

I recently stayed at a Crowne Plaza hotel and decided to treat myself to breakfast in bed, so I ordered up some room service. Not only was my order brought incorrectly, which is a whole other story, but there was a $2 delivery charge on the bill. When I asked what the $2 charge was for, I was told it was a delivery charge for ordering room service. I was floored by this. My immediate response was "you are now charging people for room service. Isn't that one of the value adds of a hotel, that you can eat in your room?" I could not get over this….the whole purpose of room service is to have food delivered to your room and now I am paying an extra charge for it? It is sort of like buying a plane ticket and then being charged extra to use the washroom once you are on the plane (watch out, some airline exec might steal this as the next great revenue-generating idea). Don't charge your customers for ridiculous things just to make a buck or you will find that less customers will want your stuff.

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