A garbage strike-are you kidding me?

In Toronto (yes, that is in Canada people), there is a strike by the contract workers who collect the garbage and recycling for the city. The strike is now in its third week and the city has designated 19 city parks and arenas as temporary drop off sites for our garbage. Imagine that, using parks and arenas to store our garbage in the middle of summer. But that is not the worst of it…..

The worst part is why there is a strike. The workers want concessions made allowing them to maintain their 18 sick days per year and allow those sick days to be rolled over year over year if not used up and eventually cashed in upon retirement. Time out…..they want to keep 18 paid sick days a year, on top of their 3-4 weeks of paid vacation days and then cash them out for more money when they retire (on top of their pension)? Is this something out of a movie? You have got to be kidding me….in a time when thousands are losing their jobs or their retirements savings, in a time when the competition for everything is greater, in a time when people are watching every penny they spend…..this union has the audacity to ask to maintain sick days with carryover and this is grounds for a strike. What kind of society are we living in?

Toronto is one of the wealthiest cities in North America and we are being held hostage by garbage workers (who get paid extremely well, by the way!)? Unions have their time and place, where workers are being exploited and being taken advantage of. I assure you that this is not the case here…..maybe we need to abolish unions and ban strikes in more prosperous countries. In most cases, the workers represented by the unions make more money and have better benefits than their private sector counterparts. They also have better job security.

I pay my taxes and cannot tolerate a strike for a service that I am paying for….it is not acceptable. In this case, I would let the union workers rot and contract the work to an outside waste management service. Maybe our mayor will have the leadership to actually do something about this. Oh by the way, the same unions also represent city workers at daycares and pools, so most of those are currently shut down as well. Pathetic! I welcome your comments.

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