A great day

Yesterday, I had a great day. I met with a colleague and we agreed to put on an Executive breakfast session together and he agreed to buy 250 copies of the guide book I just finished writing, I spoke with another colleague on the phone who referred me to an organization that he works with where this is good potential for some new consulting work, I had a meeting with a volunteer committee that I chair and we got some great ideas for our event from our business partners, I submitted a topic idea for a conference I had been asked to speak at AND I got one of my articles published in a magazine (Summit magazine, for the article, click here). So, in summation, I expanded my marketing efforts and my exposure to potential clients in three different ways, got introduced to a new prospective client and moved my volunteer committee forward. If every day was that good, life would be easy.

Do you know what constitutes a good day for your business and why? What if you sold 50 more units, would that be a good day? What about one more customer purchases your services, is that a good day? I am not suggesting to measure exhaustively, but it is important to know what success looks and feels like. You need to set objectives (notice I said objectives, not targets) for success. My objectives are to increase my profile and exposure as a consultant who delivers results for clients and to provide tremendous value in anything I do (working with clients, meeting with prospective clients, charity work, etc.). But I do not set arbitrary goals like talking with one prospect per week or publishing 4 articles a month, because once I hit those numbers, I will stop pursuing my objectives. The most dangerous thing about targets is that you might actually hit them. Make sure you know what are your objectives for success. This will not only help let you know when you have had a good day, but you will know why you had a good day.

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