A Lesson in Humility from Lebron James

I don’t usually purport that we can learn good life lessons from most athletes, but I think we can learn something from Lebron James, the NBA’s best player and a free agent. With Lance Armstrong accused of doping, Tiger Woods an admitted adulterer and many other superstars convicted of gunplay, there are few elite athletes who have (or at least appear to have) no baggage or bad habits. Lebron seems to be one of those athletes. His handling of his current free agent situation has been admirable. While many of his peers are discussing how much money they are going to make, what celebrities they have met with and which billionaire is taking them to dinner, Lebron has gone about his business, meeting with a few different teams and quietly making his decision. One would not think a lesson in humility would come from the NBA’s best player and one who has the opportunity to turn the league upside down depending on with which team he signs. You get the feeling that this is a smart man who understands the magnitude of this decision on him as well as others and also realizes that only he can make this decision. Lessons in humility come from strange places and it is nice to see them coming from a 25-year-old athlete about to make $120m. Some of our politicians and business leaders could take a page out of Lebron’s playbook on how to handle success.

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