A Lesson in Success from Bruce Springsteen

A recent article about Bruce Springsteen mentioned that it took him more than six months to finish recording the song Born to Run. He re-wrote the lyrics so many times that the words filled more than 50 pages in his notebook. Finishing the song and the corresponding album almost drove him over the edge because he was so desperate for a hit. This song is now considered one of the greatest rock songs ever. So what can we learn from the Boss? Never give up until you are satisfied. Springsteen could have finished earlier and put an inferior product out on the market, but he would not have been satisfied. He persevered until he had made the song perfect, and his work paid off. Too often companies are in a rush to put out products or services and don't take the time to ensure they are of high quality. They may achieve some immediate results, but there is nothing sustainable. Companies need to approach the development of products and services like Springsteen approached Born to Run – to make something successful you need to pour your heart and soul into it and persevere until you are satisfied. There is too little of this trait today because of our quest for instant gratification.

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