A Refund from Rogers?

I know, this sounds unheard of, and no, I did not put in this title just to capture your attention. This actually happened. Imagine my surprise when I arrived home from the office the other day to find a letter from the head of customer service from Rogers Communications. The letter explained that upon reviewing my account, they realized that I had not been receiving the proper discount for the services that I have. This was a nice surprise. As I read further down, it mentioned that I was to get a credit on my next bill for almost $1,000. Can you believe that? I almost hit the floor with disbelief. A $1,000 credit for services? Wow, I was impressed. That is money that I would have continued to pay, not knowing that I was being overcharged.

I have never been overly complimentary about Rogers and their customer service department. In fact, I have been very critical at some points. This was a nice change, a company admitting their mistake and compensating me for it. I understand that their motivation is to keep customers in the wake of some serious competition coming into the marketplace, but I must give them credit for being proactive in reviewing customer’s accounts and letting us know about mistakes that were made.

Does this mean a whole new era of customer service for Rogers? We shall see, but it certainly shows that a little competition can only benefit the customer in the long run.

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