Accelerating change

70% of change initiatives fail. 70%. That is a staggering number. That means that only 3 out of every 10 change initiatives are successful. Obviously, people need to get better at implementing new initiatives. But even for those that are successful, organizations tend to move slowly in making the changes. This can be for various reasons…..dissenting staff, poor communication, no direction….I could go on and on. There are three measures that organizations can take to ensure that they are accelerating change initiatives:

- have a clear vision and clear objectives - know what you want to accomplish by the change and what is the desired outcome;

- get support from all sides early and often - find out your supporters and dissenters and communicate effectively and often;

- transition easier areas first - identify those areas that may have an easier transition in order to gain momentum through success and to perfect your transition process.

Do these three things and you will accelerate the success that you achieve through your change initiatives.

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