Air Canada shows how to generate revenue easily

I know we are always quick to criticize the airlines when they overcharge us for a flight or  charge us for food or a second suitcase, but today I want to praise Air Canada for what was a very smart business decision. I flew from Toronto to Regina yesterday and I checked in using the electronic kiosk. As I was going through the process, an option comes up asking me if I would like to upgrade to Executive Class for the flight. I had never seen this option before and thought it was a brilliant idea. I know you can change your seat or change flights through the kiosk, but I had never seen the option to upgrade. It stopped me dead in my tracks. I had to consider it. It was early in the morning, I had a three hour flight ahead of me…..that little machine was really tempting me. It said for only $250 I could upgrade to Executive Class, so I took it and it was the best $250 I have spent in while.

What surprised me was the convenience of doing it…..the whole process took about 60 seconds and I didn’t have to wait in line, or speak with anyone…..I just upgraded, chose my seat and swiped my credit card. This is a great example of how Air Canada used a smart process to generate additional revenue. There is no extra cost to them because customers are already checking in through the kiosks and it is not an inconvenience. If you do not want to upgrade, simply click no and move on. This was a brilliant way to generate additional revenue without adding any new costs. It never felt like I was spending more money.

Do you have any processes you can use to generate additional revenue at no cost to you? I bet you do, so go out and find them.

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