American Airlines and Customer Disservice – Part 2

I thought I would continue to write about my ongoing saga with American Airlines, not so much as to pick on AA (as I do need to fly with them twice in the next month), but more of an experiment and a learning experience.

In my original post, I laid out the initial events on my phone call. I did finally get my ticket booked after 1 hour and 25 minutes on the phone, but wanted to add a few things that have happened since that original post:

  • In the middle of the call, I was transferred to the Resolutions department without being told and then had to provide the same information for a third time.
  • I was then told I needed to mail in my travel voucher before my ticket could be issued. Why did they mail me a hard copy voucher if I need to mail it back to use it?
  • I was then told to call 72 hours before my flight if a ticket had not yet been issued to me to ensure I could actually travel on my flight. Why is the onus on me to do all the work?
  • I asked how long it would take to process my voucher once received and was told “It depends how busy they are.” Is that really what people should be telling their customers?
  • I tweeted about my experience and received this response from AA, “We’re sorry for any trouble you’re having applying your voucher. Our agents will work together to get you taken care of.” You mean those same agents who took almost two hours to book my original ticket? No thanks….
  • I sent an email to the SVP of Customer Experience providing the details of my ticket-booking saga. This morning I received a message from the Customer Relations department as a follow-up to my email. However, I can’t call them back because they don’t have an incoming phone number for me to call. Imagine that, a Customer Relations department with no way for customers to contact them.

More to come, I’m sure…..



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