Apple vs Adobe – Round 1 or the Final Battle?

Steve Jobs changed the face of competition when he announced that the Apple iPhone and iPad would not support Adobe Flash technology. This has created a feud between the two former business partners that is leaving a trail of bad blood. Adobe has recently taken out newspaper ads telling customers how much they love Apple. Are they taking the high road or pining for sympathy? I go with the latter. They realize that without being on Apple's platforms, they will lose much of the market share that they currently hold as more consumers use their iPhones and iPads to replace laptops and computers. No doubt there is a hint of sarcasm in Adobe's loving message, but I am not sure taking on Apple with kid gloves is the way to win this war. This reeks somewhat of desperation – a last ditch effort to save what might be an application whose better days are behind it. Although most of us use Flash technology and don't even know it (through videos and websites), a new technology, html5 is taking hold. Don't ask me to explain the new technology because that is not what I am here to do (besides, it would only confuse you more). The point being that Adobe needs to think strategically about how it will play this game. The ads they are running speak to wanting to ensure that everyone has a choice as to the technology that they use and the applications that they download. Adobe claims that Apple is taking this right away from users by not permitting Flash to be used. My question is: does the average person really care what technology is used? I am all for fair competition but Apple obviously has a reason for doing this, and as self-serving as that reason must be, what can be done about it? Is this any different than Microsoft embedding their own products are part of their operating system? In principle this situation is the same, however, the big difference is that html5 is not Apple technology. So what does Apple have to gain by blocking Adobe Flash from their machines? Apple has repeatedly claimed that Flash is "buggy" and causes its Macintosh computers to crash. How often this happens is being debated. Apple seems to know what they are doing, but a by-product of their decision might be to polarize developers. Up until recently, it has never been an either/or choice. You could develop software using Flash or html5 and it would be compatible anywhere. Now what will Flash developers do? Apple products are growing faster than any other handheld device and all signs are pointing to the fact that people will use their cell phones and handheld devices more and more in the future. These Flash developers are many of the same developers who build apps for Apple products. Will there be an underground revolution started by Flash developers and advocates? As with everything else, there is a Facebook group that has been started so you can follow along and see what transpires.

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