Are you professing one thing, yet doing another?

I recently met with a prospective client and we spent the majority of the meeting talking about how the organization wanted to improve the speed at which it did business and remove a lot of the bureaucracy that had been built up over the years. They told me that there was a strong desire to change the culture and behaviour of the organization.

As the meeting concluded, I suggested the next step was for me to meet with the person whose budget the investment in my services would come from. I was told that wasn’t the way they worked. That they needed to have some conversations internally to get buy in from others for any potential project that we might work on. They were operating in the exact way that they had just spent an hour telling me they wanted to stop. Unfortunately this insight didn’t come to me until after the meeting.

In the meeting, we had even discussed how organizations talk about wanting an empowered culture, but the behaviour they exhibit and reward denotes just the opposite.

How often are you professing one thing, yet doing another?

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