Bouncing back from simple mistakes

I was delivering a teleconference last week on how to make better buying decisions. I use a teleconference service so that people can call in and listen and ask questions and hopefully take away one or two valuable pieces of information. I like to use this service because it also offers downloads of the call which I can then send out for people to listen to on their own time. Only this time, I forgot to press *2 to have the call recorded. Imagine my surprise when I went to download the teleconference and there was nothing there. I called tech support and they confirmed that I was an idiot (they did not actually say that, but I know that they were thinking it).

I had just delivered what I thought was a great one-hour teleconference with a couple of questions and some valuable information… it was lost. So I had two choices about how I could handle this situation, I could blame someone else and kick and scream and swear and be frustrated that it was lost or I could accept the mistake and move on. What would be your reaction? I was initially frustrated but then realized that in the grand scheme of things it was not a big deal. I shrugged it off and re-recorded the teleconference so that my listeners could have a copy of it. No harm, no foul, only 45 minutes of a day lost. Think about how you react to simple mistakes and setbacks. Is that how you want to react? If not, change it. Do not waste energy and effort on things that cannot be changed. Focus your efforts on moving forward.

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