Business Lesson from the Ryder Cup

Golf's Ryder Cup pitting European players against US players shows us what it takes to be successful as a team. In a game where individuals usually compete against each other, the Ryder Cup forces the world's best golfers to be part of a team and they can only be successful if the team is successful. The U.S. team has the two best golfers in the world on the team, does that mean that they are going to win? Only if teamwork prevails. So what are the business lessons we can learn from the Ryder Cup? That successful teams (organizations) support each other through good and bad. That putting the strongest people together does not always guarantee success, those people need to be able to work well together…ability does not always equal success (although it helps). That every successful team needs a great leader to inspire them and provide direction, as well as make smart decisions. That teams can feed off of the success of other teams within the organization…using momentum to increase the level of success for everyone. And finally, that the more cohesive the team, the more success it will have. Who would have thought we could learn this much from watching a simple golf match?

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