Canadian Olympic failure? I think not

I am sick and tired of hearing about how our Canadian athletes are having a disappointing Olympics because we have not won as many medals as was predicted. So what? Why can't we just enjoy the games and showing off our country?

The reason I am not a proponent of setting goals is, in the best case scenario you meet them, but in the worst case scenario, you miss them. That is what is happening right now to the Canadian Olympic team, they are missing the goals that they set for themselves. A high standard was set when the Canadian Olympic Committee said that we wanted to finish first in the number of total medals. Since that no longer looks achievable, we are making excuses why–the US has really stepped up their game, the Koreans are really fast, those Norwegians sure can ski. I understand that millions and millions of dollars was spent to 'Own the Podium' but not every plan works out. We can only control what we do, not others.

Contrary to most others, I applaud Canada for setting its sights high and putting resources behind those stretch goals. They said they wanted to be at the top and they did everything they could to get there. The fact that they may not is not a huge failure in my mind. They have seeded many young athletes that will be successful for years to come, they have rejuvenated an Olympic program that was floundering and they have shown that they are not afraid to shoot for the stars. I hope that even if this year's performance is disappointing, it does not dissuade the COC with continuing to move forward with its continued funding high expectations.

Would you rather we were under-promised so that they could over-deliver? With all of the money being spent, I do not want to hear that we will be in the middle of the pack, I wanted to hear exactly what was said, that we expect to be at the top, with the other elite countries in the world. If we do not end up there, at least you cannot fault us for trying.

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