Charitable giving on the rise?

Not necessarily, but many people are more than willing to donate their time. A recent survey of moms in the US shows that when it comes to charity, 42% more respondents said they will be volunteering time to charities this year. Donations of clothing and food should also be up this year by 15% and 11% respectively over last year’s numbers. But the proportion who said they will be giving money to charity this year fell 9% from last year’s level.

So what does this all mean? Less money being given, but more people being active in fund-raising. Will that ultimately lead to more money being raised? Maybe. It certainly raises an interesting point because people are more willing to give their time but not their money. What is more valuable, time or money? I draw two conclusions from these findings:

1. People are hesitant to donate money until the economy is more stable, but still want to contribute something;

2. Those that are at home raising families or working part-time still have time to give back to causes they believe in.

These are both positive signs because sometimes the biggest contributions are not financial ones.

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