Written Testimonials

“Andrew provided us with the tools to reduce the noise of our working environment and focus on the few and important prioritized tasks.”

John Haddock

“As a result of working with Andrew, we’ve attracted over $1 million in new prospective sales.”

Fred Jasavala
President and CEO

“The process that Andrew helped us develop and implement is deliberate, methodical, thoughtful and allows us to make better business decisions. We have done that in determining which Opportunities to pursue and which ones to walk away from, rated in terms of financial profitability and overall partnership fit.”

Beth Walton
Regional Business Development Manager
Central Region, LEO Pharma

“We asked Andrew to come in and define for us a plan that would allow us to challenge our needs against an incumbent software solution. He came in, engaged quickly with the users of the existing system, documented the gaps and managed the software vendor through the entire process. We were left with a high-level understanding of the solution, how it met our needs and what areas the software vendor needed to adjust in order for our business processes to be met. Andrew is a professional through and through.”

Paul Steedman
Vice President
Corporate Systems and Delivery
Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

“We engaged Andrew to help guide us through the creation of a process to facilitate our thinking. This resulted in our ability to clarify our key issues and focus on potential solutions in a way we had not previously not been able to. Andrew was adept at building his understanding of our situation and various viewpoints, and guiding us through a series of decision points that enabled us to prioritize our actions. We engaged him further in the creation of the framework we are executing to tackle our issue – a testament to our confidence in his ability to add value.”

Greg Miziolek
Business Director
BD Medical
BD Canada

“Andrew helped us engage a group of senior healthcare executives through his strong facilitation skills and his ability to interact with them at a strategic level. He was able to contribute key insights to the discussion and keep it focused on the most important objectives. Andrew’s work will help us set the foundation for our ongoing interaction with these executives.”

Alicia Duval
Senior Vice President
Industry Relations
GS1 Canada

“We engaged Andrew Miller to work with our software sales and business development team to improve our sales success.  I can confidently say that our team now evaluates sales opportunities in a much more structured way enabling quicker decision making and better strategic management of sales opportunities.  The resulting effect is a laser focus on higher quality opportunities which is resulting in a higher win rate for McKesson.”               

Ronald L. Dunn
Vice President, Information Solutions,
Integrated Healthcare Solutions,
McKesson Canada

“Andrew’s expertise created strong value for our organization and helped achieve our objectives successfully and effectively.”

John Macintyre
Senior Vice-President,
Corporate Affairs, Build Toronto Inc.

“…Working with Andrew has helped us to improve both strategically and operationally and has put us in a stronger position than we were a year ago.”

Dan Hill
Chief Financial Officer,
Women’s College Hospital

“Andrew’s guidance and expertise helped us implement transformational leadership principles that will create valuable, sustainable and positive change in our organization.”

Joanne Wright
Vice President and Controller,
IT&S Finance, The Bank of Nova Scotia

“Andrew’s work will help us have better conversations with key customers and make the customer acquisition and retention processes easier.”

Tim Brown
General Manager,
3M Canada Healthcare

“…Andrew’s ability to interact with all levels of the organization has helped Medbuy successfully implement its strategic initiatives and has created value for the organization.”

Rick Cochrane
Former President and CEO,
Medbuy Corporation

“He had an outstanding rapport with many of the senior stakeholders and was a valuable advisor in moving us forward as an organization.”

Altaf Stationwala
Former Senior Vice President,
Operations and Redevelopment, Mount Sinai Hospital

“”…Communications have improved significantly between head office and the mine divisions…Andrew’s services were very effective and efficient and I would highly recommend him to anyone or any company.”

Picklu Datta
Vice President,
Controller, Agnico-Eagle Mines Ltd.

“Andrew was a huge help. We now have more accountability in our purchasing operations which will lead to better return on investment in our purchasing decisions and provide for additional cost saving opportunities for the organization.”

Jodi Butts
Senior Vice-President,
Corporate Affairs and Operations, Mt Sinai Hospital