Creating a brand

I recently launched a new website, the Procurement Guru, with the objective of creating a community around procurement and help companies maximize value from purchasing operations. I expected that I might get a few people interested in participating in the Q&A discussions and others that might use the resources provided, but I was surprised at the reaction. I have been helping clients improve procurement operations for more than a decade with few accolades or interest from the outside world. As soon as I labeled myself the Procurement Guru, people are contacting me on a regular basis for speaking engagements, consulting projects and general advice. What a great marketing effort!

It just goes to show you that need to create something with which people can associate. I am not doing anything differently today than I was last week, but by creating the Procurement Guru, I have created something that people can understand immediately and provides an easy brand to talk about it. If you need procurement help who better to call than the procurement guru? Easy to describe and easy to understand. Are you making it easy for potential customers to understand what you do?

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