Creating more synergy

What does it take to create more synergy within an organization? You need to align your processes, your people and your technology.

This sounds like a lot of soft and feel good stuff that is good for morale, right? What if I told you that creating better alignment within your organization could lead to myriad of opportunities and actually increase your company profits and customer satisfaction, would you believe me? Well, you should. Let me take you through some of the benefits of an organization that is aligned:

- reduced operating costs due to streamlined operations;

- increased flexibility and reduced time to market due to focus on value-added activities;

- increased productivity due to reduced time spent on duplicate work;

- increased customer satisfaction due to reduced time spent on internal issues.

Shall I keep on going? Well, the first four benefits are free. If you want to read more about being smart and ensuring that your organization is aligned, check out my white paper on the topic. Alignment is not just a good thing in a car, it is also very valuable within an organization.

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