Customer fatigue

I do a lot of volunteer fundraising for a hospital and the one thing that we have been talking about recently is the idea of donour fatigue. There are so many great causes and so many great events, and we have made it so easy for people to try and raise money by using email and the Internet, that people are being inundated with requests for donations. How do they choose which ones to support and which ones to turn down? Many are just turning down everyone…that is donour fatigue.

Do you think your customers and clients are feeling the same way? We get email blasts and banner ads, we get phone calls and pamphlets, we see TV commercials and hear radio spots….all trying to sell us something. We are surrounded by advertising and people trying to sell us products or services.

I remember the first time I visited Times Square in NYC. It was total sensory overload. So many people, so many huge screens, so many banners and advertisements….so much glitz and glitter it literally made my head spin. Are we doing this to our customers?

If you can find a way to take your customers to that tranquil place above the clouds, you will create a stronger, more loyal group of customers who will continue to come back and will continue to refer people to your products and services. Make it easy for them to decide and remove the buzzing from their ears. Create a connection that is strong and immediate and you will soar at 38,000 feet in the peaceful blue sky instead of puttering along at 500 feet trying to avoid the tall buildings.

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