De-mystifying customer engagement myth #2

Today I am going to tackle customer engagement myth #2: Customers will tell others about you just because you make quality products.

This is not true. Customers will only tell others about you if you provide a unique experience that is worthy of telling people about. Here are some examples:

  • BMW dealers give every new potential customer the royal treatment. Friendly service, no pressure, aesthetically pleasing environment, and association with a great brand. Differentiate the 'BMW experience' with what other car dealers provide.
  • Apple stores are bright, open, aesthetically pleasing, provide the abiltiy to try new products and are filled with knowledgable people who can answer your questions. They offer tutorials, workshops, data transfers, and live service people (the Genius bar). Compare that to what Dell or Compaq or Lenovo or Samsung offer their customers as an experience.
  • Porter Airlines offers fast check-in, a convenient downtown location, shuttle service, first class lounge areas and other perqs, all included in the fare price. Compare that to other airlines that charge extra for bags, peanuts, advanced seat selection and access to lounges, and you can see why many travellers are choosing Porter over Air Canada or WestJet.

Making quality products is certainly the first step in engaging customers, because without quality, your brand reputation will be poor. However, you need to provide more than just quality. You need to provide, and continue to provide, a memorable experience for your customers. Service is what keeps customers coming back and what prompts them to refer others. What value are you providing your customers?

By creating an emotional connection, your customers will feel that they are invested in your success and will do whatever they can to ensure that success.

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