Disney and operational excellence, part 2

Here are some additional reasons how Disney exhibits operational excellence:

  • Each employee is called a “cast member” making everyone a part of the experience.
  • Every cast member is empowered to make decisions in the best interest of the customer. That might mean handing out a sticker or refilling a spilled drink, but they are on the frontlines and don’t appear to be hindered by bureaucracy.
  • They provide something for everyone. There are many adults who come to Disney without children because the experience appeals to everyone.
  • They keep you entertained. Even when you are waiting in line, you don’t feel like you’re waiting in line because of the entertainment that is provided.
  • They create an emotional bond with the customer at every turn. Multiple times per day, customers experience something that they will share with family, friends and colleagues.

If you ever want to see what operational excellence looks like, go and visit your nearest Disney theme park.

They have a clear strategy and their tactics are aligned with that strategy.

They are constantly innovating and making improvements.

They engage with customers in various ways and create unique experiences.

They hire the best people, train them vigourously and treat them well so that they want to stay.

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