Ditching the Blackberry

Last week, my wife and I spent four days in Algonquin Park, about three hours north of Toronto, camping and canoeing. Beautiful wildlife, beautiful scenery, great exercise…but the best part about it – no cell phone reception. Now I am the first to admit that I rely fairly heavily on my Blackberry to stay in touch with clients and friends and family, but this was a nice change. No email, no phone calls, no text messages and no interruptions for four whole days. It made me realize that life without my Blackberry goes on.

Does this mean that I had some epiphany that will change my life? No, but it was nice to get away from things for a few days and it made me realized that instant communication is not always necessary. Email and cell phones have created an expectation of immediate results, that we need to return emails and phone calls within minutes. This is not always the best way to do business. Sometimes we need to spend some time thinking about our decisions before we communicate them.

Try going a day without you cell phone and see what happens. It is a liberating experience and one that may change your perspective just a little on how to best use technology.

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