Do something now! I mean it, now!

As I sit in my client's office, I am thinking to myself "what can I do right now to make their business better?" I am not thinking about long-term strategy, I am not thinking about complicated diagrams or setting up a meeting. I am thinking "what can I do right now, at this moment, that can have a positive impact on their business?" 

Thinking like this changes the way that I approach things. Of course it is important to have a long-term strategy and mapping out the future, and of course, who doesn't love meetings? But the reality is, we worry about too many things at once, which effectively means we get nothing done. If you do one thing each day to make your business grow, you will have done 5 things in a week and 20 things in a month. That is a pretty compelling argument to taking immediate action. I am sure that there is one thing you could do right now that would improve your business. Call your biggest customer, go talk to your employees, walk around your facility, just get up and do something! I know I am….

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