Does greed rule the world?

Long time no speak. Sorry about the delay since my last post. A few updates. In one of my recent posts, How BMW sells cars, I left you not knowing which car I had decided to buy. Well, I decided on the beemer and I am picking it up tomorrow. I am very excited. But let's talk about greed for a minute. Is greed the reason for all of the different financial crises we read about every day? What about the collapse of so many US banks? How much money is too much? Now, you might think this is interesting commentary from someone who, in the previous paragraph, talked about getting a BMW. But to me, these are two different points. Greed is when you have more than one person could ever need, yet still want more. I am not greedy, I just like a nice car (but I only need one, not 10). Case in point: the bank CEO who makes $10m per year and still tries to get more by using business practices that may not be the most ethical. Case in point: the professional basketball player who makes $16m per year and sells marijuana to little kids. Case in point: the world-class sprinter who uses performance enhancing drugs to get even better. You think these examples are fictional? Look at Richard Fuld of Lehman Brothers, Zach Randolph of the Memphis Grizzlies and Marion Jones, then get back to me. Greed has ruled our countries for too long and it is the greed of a few that hurts everyone else.

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