Don't be late

As I wait for a conference call to begin and I listen to the peaceful classical music that they always play, it made me realize how I never, ever want to be late for a meeting, appointment, event, etc. What is it that makes some people late and others not? How does it make you feel when you show up on time (or early in my case) and the other person is late? It does not make you feel very good, does it? I realize that things happen…..there are car accidents and road closures and public transit stoppages….there is a world of things outside of our control, but there should never be excuses.

I think being on time is only a common courtesy. Everyone is busy and has taken the time out to allocate time for the meeting, etc….To me it is a sign of the way that you treat people. By being late, it shows that there are more important people than me and that is not something anyone wants to feel. Think about how you are treating people when you constantly arrive late to meetings and make people wait for you. It implies that your time is more valuable than theirs. Think about that the next time you want to do "one more thing" before leaving for a meeting. That "one more thing" will always be there, but so will the impression that you are leaving on the person that is waiting for you.

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