Don’t Panic

Yes, I know the stock markets had their worst day in two years. Yes, I know the US economy is in trouble. Yes, I know that most international currencies plummeted. Yes, I know Tiger Woods is back playing on the PGA Tour. But it is only one day. The sun will rise again today (actually, I already checked and the sun is up). Today is a new day and things will get better. Don't panic!

Don't let the stock market determine how you run your business or how you run your life. Businesses are doing well, customers are feeling good and this too shall pass.

Many business executives are feeling good about their businesses depsite all of this. You must also remember that even if there is a slow-down in the economy, there are lots of industries that thrive in those times, so things are not going to be all that bad.

Look for opportunities, take advantage of them and go about your business. Try not to worry what others are doing. That is how you can be successful in uncertain times.

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