Effective decision-making

Why are so many smart people making so many bad decisions? Every morning in the newspaper I read about decisions that seem to go against every shred of common sense? It is simple, they don't know any better. They base the decision on a bad decision-making process. If you make a bad decision, do you ever go back and analyze what went wrong? What went right? My guess is no. That means the next time you make a decision, you will follow the same process as the bad decision. Does that make sense? I didn't think so.

The decision-making process is paramount to making good decisions. Not all of those decisions will turn out to be the right ones, but we also need to understand that they may have been the right decision at that point in time. Who knows what might happen in 6 months. Gather your information, make your decision and move forward. Too many companies are taking too long to make decisions and still end up making the wrong ones. There is nothing worse than continuing to make the same mistakes. If you are going to make a mistake, at least learn from it and improve your process for next time.

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