I was reading my kids a story last night about excuses and it made me think, excuses are nothing but reasons or justifications for us to avoid doing new things or things that scare us. The message of the book was that we are the only ones that can decide whether or not to use excuses.

People might tell you it is too hard, too expensive, too time-consuming or you don’t have the skills to do something, but it is up to you to decide if those are excuses or the truth. Think of the contrast of these two statements:

“I can’t go to college because it is too expensive.”

“I really want to go to college and I know it is very expensive. I need to find a job and I should apply for a scholarship to help pay for it”

One is an excuse and one is not (can you tell which is which?).

Do you tackle life’s problems, challenges and opportunities with reasons not to do something (excuses) or solutions on how to get them done?

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