Global healthcare opportunity #1: Create an effective feedback loop

In our healthcare systems, we need to do a better job of creating processes that are proactive and engage patients and front line caregivers better to anticipate need. This doesn't mean patient and employee satisfaction surveys, although this is a good start. This means creating a process by which employee feedback can be gathered, analyzed and implemented. Create an employee feedback program and encourage staff to put forth ideas on how to improve the performance of the organization. Those ideas must be captured and reviewed, with the best ideas implemented. Success for a program like this will only happen if employees feel that their ideas will get a fair shake and that they see other ideas coming from employees being implemented. As for patients, employees need to be more aware of the ideas patients and their families may have. Talk to patients about their experience…what they liked, what they didn't like, whether or not they felt comfortable, if they had a positive experience that they would tell people about. All of these things can help gain a better understanding of what patients really need and some simple ideas to improve the performance and speed of the organization. If you treat patients like customers and recognize that they are a wealth of valuable information, then you are one step closer to improving your organizational effectiveness.

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