Global healthcare opportunity #5: Provide a clear vision of the future

The one thing that is often lacking in healthcare is a global vision. What do we want the future of healthcare to look like? I was at a conference the other day and someone said that the goal of Canadian healthcare should be to ensure that our healthcare system was at least as good, if not better, for our children. I thought this was a pretty good start as an underlying principle, but is it a good enough vision? Maybe.

Like many organizations, the healthcare system needs a clear vision of its future state. What is the model? What are the underlying principles? What does the future state look like? Only then can we determine the best way to get there. If you don't know your final destination, then how can you plan the route to get there? This requires leadership and an ability to take into account the needs of many different stakeholder groups-patients, doctors, nurses, healthcare administrators, pharmacists, etc. Right now, many heathcare systems are lacking the appropriate leadership and need to start with the basics, deciding on their final destination.

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