Golbal healthcare opportunity #3: Integrate the patient experience

Right now, patients are in the middle of a system where not much is integrated. Their records need to be shared by hospitals, specialists, local clinics, care centres and many other healthcare providers. But currently, patients are pretty much responsible for their own records, or least knowing about their health. Every time you see a specialist or a new doctor, you must go through the same discussion about past medical history and treatments. What happens if I am in a critical situation and am unable to tell anyone my previous history? Technology is advanced enough to have our medical records follow us wherever we go, so we need to create a system where incentives are given to make the patient experience seamless and more integrated. Start locally, then move to regionally and then internationally. Imagine a world where a universal health card stores all of my health records and information and it can be accessed virtually. The technology is there (think bank debit cards), so why not healthcare records? Because people are trying to tackle the system all at once instead of breaking into manageable chunks.

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