Great leaders know when to get out of the way

Do you ever feel that you are getting in the way of your own company's success? Of course not, because most of us are ignorant to the fact that we cannot do everything.

I work with a lot of entrpreneurs and business owners and typically, the ones who are the most successful, are the ones who recognize when they are the reason that their company's success is stagnating. Most entrepreneurs are amazing at developing new ideas, launching them quickly and growing their company quickly. Most are not adept at managing the larger organizations that they have now created. Very few people are able to recognize when they have become the roadblock. Occasionally, you do see leaders step down in order to allow the company to go in a different direction to be more successful, but more often than not, this does not happen.

A great leader is able to see when he or she has moved beyond his or her capabilities. A client of mine once said "I have been running small companies successfully my whole life, but I have no idea what a 120-employee organization looks like." This is early recognition by someone who understands business success–at some point the business may grow beyond him. Recognizing that allows planning to be made in order to keep the momentum of growth moving. That may mean developing additional leadership and management skills or bringing in someone to manage the larger organization.

Great leaders know their strengths and their weaknesses and are able to recognize when it is time for them to pass the torch onto someone else in order to maintain or grow the success of the organization. Will you be willing to do this when the time comes?

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