Home Security Industry May Drastically Change

Why is it that I can save documents and files to the 'cloud,' I have a wireless device where I look up anything I want wherever I want and there are touch screen computers, yet my house alarm can be cut off by simply cutting the phone line? This seems a little archaic compared to the rest of the technology world, no? Apparently no company has seen it to be important enough to change. If I can have wireless access to the Internet, why can't my security system do the same thing? Many people don't even have home phones anymore, so how does that work?

The home security industry is due for a change in technology and business model. It is one of the only businesses I can think of that has not changed in almost 15 years. So why hasn't is changed? Because new entrants are trying to change how people are dispatched to your home, but not the ingrained technology. There is a huge opportunity for someone to come in with a more stable product and a different approach. Rogers seems to be tackling this challenge and we will see over the next few months how this turns out. Just another service that they can 'bundle' you with, but maybe this one might actually improve the way things are done.

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