How well aligned are your strategy and tactics?

I was speaking with a colleague yesterday before a volunteer fundraising meeting we were both attending and we were discussing growing my business internationally. He asked, “How have you been able to grow your business internationally with no staff?”

As I was describing to him how I have been successful by asking for and receiving introductions from friends and colleagues, and mentioned some of the places where I am building strong connections, another colleague entered the room. She overheard me mention a couple of cities and said, “I know people in those cities.” She then mentioned a few people she knew and their roles and asked if I would be interested in being introduced to them. I said, “Of course.”

I then looked at my other colleague and said, “You just saw firsthand how I’ve been able to grow my business internationally.”

If you are clear about your strategy (mine is growing internationally), then the tactics you employ need to be directly aligned with that strategy (in my case, asking for direct introductions to prospective clients outside of Canada from people I know well).

How well aligned are your strategy and tactics?

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