How BMW sells car

Do you want to know how to accelerate the sales cycle for your business? Take a lesson from BMW. I am in the market for a new car and one of my options to research was a Beemer. Why not? Now take note, I had never even been inside a BMW before, let alone drive one. Well, what an experience they provided. The experience (and I say experience because it is just that) begins with you walking into a beautiful facility with lots of windows, state of the art design, and of course, mountains of beautiful cars. Nobody jumps on you as you walk through the door, but you are permitted to wander for a few minutes before asked if you want some help. "Yes," I say, "I am in the market for a car." The first thing I am told is that driving a BMW is like no other experience I will ever encounter. I am intrigued. The conversation goes on and I find out all about the features of the model I am interested in. There was a special focus on using words like "performance" and "unique." By the end, I could not believe that a car could do all of these things. Then comes the kicker, all service is included for the life of the car. This is not a huge dollar value necessarily, but a billiant marketing move. I am drooling at the prospect of driving this car. Then comes the test drive, the piece de resistance. We pick up the car and I enter the passenger side. I am then chauffeured around sharp turns and straightaways at speeds I did not think were possible. I was then told to "brace myself" as my driver slammed on the brakes going 80km/h with his hands in the air to show me the control of the car. It was then my turn to drive. Yes, it was better than expected. The car is an amazing piece of machinery and like nothing I have ever driven. I will digress from the story to say that there are two things that companies can learn from BMW:

  1. Offer your customers a unique experience – I don't know or care if the car I drove is the best on the market. The experience provided to me was like nothing I had ever witnessed before and that will definitely factor into my decision.
  2. Know your target market and appeal to them – BMW knows its' drivers like to drive fast. They don't hide that, they relish in it by using words like performance, but also stress the safety of the vehicle. The premise being, buyers will enjoy the car even more (aka go faster) if they feel safe inside.

Remember that customers need to feel special and that will create the emotional reaction that pushes them to buy your products over the competition. Make sure you provide that experience for them. I have not decided yet which car I will buy, but I can certainly tell you that I will never forget my journey into the BMW dealership because of the feeling of anxiety and nervousness walking in, compared with the feeling of adrenaline and comfort walking out.

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