How to stop sales flat

In my most recent post, I praised the experience that I had with BMW when looking for a new car. I sit here to talk about the exact opposite experience I just had when looking at an Audi. The experience was so poor that I feel it necessary to tell you that the culprits were Uptown Audi. Imagine going into a dealership, being asked if you have any questions and saying "not really, tell me a little bit about the car." Then being told that it had a big trunk and all wheel-drive, but nothing about the safety features or gadgets or unique technology (I had mentioned that my kids would sometimes be riding in the car, implying safety was important). There was not one piece of information to get me excited about the car or the experience. We then moved over to the salesman's desk where he pulled up a spreadsheet and started crunching numbers for me (not at my request, by the way), each one showing a number above my budget. After 5 minutes of this I said "let's not worry about the money, I have not even driven the car yet." The salesman gets me the keys for a test drive and says "I won't be joining you as one of my appointments just arrived." So I took the car for a test drive by myself. No opportunity for him to sell me on the car, no opportunity to build a relationship, no opportunity to relate to me as a potential buyer. I finished the test drive, dropped the keys on his desk (where he was sitting with another customer) and said thanks and walked out. Advice to all salespeople: if you are with another customer or know that someone is coming in shortly, tell me. Don't try and juggle two customers, it won't work and you might end up losing both. Tell me up front and I will either decide to wait or you can refer me to another salesperson. Don't make me feel like a second-class citizen or like someone else is more important than me. You are not going to sell me a car in 10 minutes, so don't try to. It is an emotional purchase, so appeal to my self-interest. Safe to say I went ahead and got the BMW and a major reason was the treatment I received there. The treatment you receive at the beginning is indicative of the treatment you will receive throughout, so think about how you treat customers and potential customers.

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