Is Your Organization Operationally Excellent?

Here are 10 characteristics of operational excellence in organizations:

  1. Your employees are empowered (and empower themselves) to make decisions to improve the way the organization operates
  2. You have high quality products and/or services and consistently enhance them or develop newer and better ones
  3. You only perform activities that add value and you can measure the role that every activity plays in contributing to that value
  4. You have an action-oriented culture
  5. You have a clear vision of the future state and everyone in the organization knows their accountabilities in getting there
  6. You are flexible enough to react quickly to market shifts or new market opportunities
  7. You have strong relationships with customers and business partners, who act as brand ambassadors and challenge your organization to improve
  8. You tie mission to strategy, strategy to execution and execution to operations
  9. You have open and dynamic internal and external collaboration and communication
  10. You consistently monitor performance and results

How many does your organization have?

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