It's a relationship business

How often do we hear the phrase 'it's a relationship business'? I hear it daily. Well, duh, what business isn't about relationships. When I say that it is a relationship business, I do not mean that it is about who you know (although that helps), it is about how you interact with the company and the people that you want to do business with, and gaining that necessary trust that allows you to move forward. You don't even need to like each other, you just need to trust each other.

I run my own small consulting practice and my business is 100% about relationships. It is about becoming a trusted advisor to my clients and helping them achieve results quickly, it is about providing tremendous value for potential clients and others without having them invest time or money with me, it is about building trusting relationships with people. Success comes from those relationships. Not being treated like a commodity opens up numerous doors of possibility on how businesses can be improved.

The trust to take a chance and move out of their comfort zone, the trust to listen to what I have to say, the trust that I have their best interests in mind, the trust that we can make things better together.

That is what I mean when I say it is all about relationships.

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