Legislating Hospitals in Ontario-Bill 122

After all of the reports and findings from reporters and the Auditor General of Ontario, more legislation has come down on Ontario hospitals. Bill 122 gives hospitals more regulations that they need to follow around the reporting of consultants, about governance and about freedom of information. The interesting part is around freedom of information. On January 1, 2012, hopsitals will be subject to requests for information by anyone in the general public. Obviously there are some restrictions on what can be requested (no patient records or confidential information like that), but it is essentially a free-for-all for anyone that wants to make a request. The interesting part is that the legislation makes requests retroactive for five years. Meaning that requests can be made for information that dates back to 2007, when none of this was even contemplated.

If you work in a hospital, things are about to change, so get used to it.

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