Leveraging your competitive advantage

A few days ago I wrote about understanding your competitive advantage. Today, I want to briefly touch on how to leverage your competitive advantage. This of course assumes that you know why you have an advantage.

Don't be shy in communicating your advantage and why customers should choose you. Never insult your competition, but have no shame in identifying how you can service your customers better. Use case studies, stories and examples of how you have been successful with clients. Get testimonials from customers raving about how good you are. People want to be associated with success, so if you are perceived as the best, then people will come to you. Provide them with emotional connections that they can relate to and you will see sales grow. Be creative in the way that you reach out to new customers, use social media effectively.

I know this was a bit of a laundry list of things to do, but it is because I am a little tired, yet still wanted to ensure that you were able to get value from what you are reading. Comments are always welcome.

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