McDonalds asks customers what they want to know

McDonalds Canada has recently started a new ad campaign entitled 'Our Food. Your Questions.' Customers can visit the website and ask any question they want about McDonalds and its food. Do you still think that social media platforms are not important in building a brand?

This ad campaign is in direct response to McDonalds losing control of what their customers are saying about them, so they decided to do something quirky and transparent. If you have always wanted to know why the food looks different on TV than it does in the restaurant, they have your answer. If you are curious as to what is in the Big Mac secret sauce, they will tell you.

All of this is to help create a stronger connection between McDonalds and some of its customers. Mainly, those who can be easily convinced by rumours and hearsay to eat somewhere else.

Will it work? Only time will tell. But it is a great example of a world-class company trying to take back control of the message that gets communicated to its customers. They should be congratulated for recognizing something that could upset the stability of the organization and are taking steps to address it.

That is what the best companies do. They identify challenges that pose a risk to their success and they find a way to turn it around and help them actually grow and become more successful. If this ad campaign works, McDonalds will have created a new legion of loyal followers.

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