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Andrew MillerMiller’s Monday Morning Message
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Toronto – March 30, 2015
Organizations need to change the way they operate if they want to continue to be successful. The way organizations engage with customers is different. The way customers buy products and services is different. The way employees choose where they want to work is different. The way companies innovate is different.
If you want to maximize performance and profitability, you need to make these mindset changes:
  • You can’t focus on customer satisfaction, you need to focus on customer retention. Happy customers only matter if they keep buying from you.
  • You can’t focus on cost cutting, you need to focus on growth. Controlling costs makes sense, but having a strategy that relies on cutting costs to be competitive will not allow you to survive for very long.
  • You can’t focus on elimination of waste and standardization, you need to focus on innovation. You need to create new ways of operating that accomplish your objectives faster and more effectively and you need to become a master of adopting and applying those ideas across your organization.
  • You can’t focus on productivity, you need to focus on performance. Every employee needs to contribute to help the organization make progress.
  • You should spend less time on strategy development and more time on execution. Most initiatives fail at the execution stage. It might be the right thing to do, but if executed poorly, you don’t get the results you expected.
  • Don’t underestimate the value of speed. But you need to know when to speed up and when to slow down. You need to optimize speed.

Changing the mindset of organization is not easy, but it’s necessary. Start by preaching excellence not perfection. Reward people for trying new ways to improve performance, even if they fail. Look at new ways to measure success.

But most importantly, you need to first acknowledge that your mindset needs to change. Then you can begin to identify the best opportunities to improve performance.

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