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Toronto – April 6, 2015
There is an age-old strategy discussion about whether to build on an organization’s strengths or improve on its weaknesses. Where is the best place to focus resources? It’s always on leveraging strengths.
Last week we had to take my daughter to the hospital. We took her to the Hospital for Sick Children (Sick Kids). A children’s hospital that is 20 minutes away instead of the general hospital that is five minutes away. The results were remarkable.
The children’s hospital was able to diagnose and intervene within 20 minutes of us arriving to the emergency room. The general hospital we had taken her to previously, with the same symptoms, took nearly three hours to come up with the same diagnosis and interventions. But not because the staff were not as good or the equipment was older. When I asked the nurse at the children’s hospital how they knew so quickly what was wrong, she responded simply, “We know kids.”
We didn’t have to wait for a pediatrician to come to the emergency department, because every doctor was a pediatrician. We didn’t have to wait for an oxygen mask that would fit a child because every mask is child’s size. We didn’t need to wait while doctors conferred on the right dosage of medicine because all of the doctors only deal with dose sizes appropriate for children. This hospital doesn’t try to be anything else but a children’s hospital, which is why it has the reputation of being one of the best children’s hospitals in North America.
Does your organization leverage and build on its’ strengths or focus resources trying to improve on its’ weaknesses?
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