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Andrew MillerMiller’s Monday Morning Message
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Toronto – April 13, 2015
As I drive through our neighbourhood, you can tell that spring is here. People are cleaning out their garages, their eaves troughs, their basements, and their backyards. There are piles of things to give away on everyone’s front lawn.
Every so often, your organization needs a spring cleaning as well. Here are some ways to do that:
  • Shed those strategic plans that are collecting dust on your shelf.
  • Throw away those policies that create more bureaucracy than value.
  • Stop those tactics you keep thinking are going to work but continue to yield the same poor results.
  • Discard those strategies that you have grown out of, even if they helped you to be successful in the past.
  • Reorganize the way you operate to makes things easier and faster.
  • Sweep away those processes that are no longer useful.
Spring is a rebirth, a time to start fresh and try new things. A time for ideas to blossom.
What are you going to do to give your organization a spring cleaning?
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