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Andrew MillerMiller’s Monday Morning Message
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Toronto – June 8, 2015
We often talk about needing to fail in order to succeed. Some might define that as innovation. But failure is only a viable option if it is accepted by the leaders in an organization. How do they react when someone fails? How do they react when someone gives an opinion that is contrary to that of the majority? Do they reward only successes or the behaviour they would like to see exhibited?
Failure takes many different forms. It might mean selling a new product or service that nobody buys. It might mean building a partnership that doesn’t work out. It might mean moving forward on a project when your gut tells you it is destined for failure.
We can choose to embrace failure, or we can take steps to try and avoid or mitigate it. Or, we can redefine what failure means so that people aren’t afraid to fail.
If you were to look into the future and find out that the project or initiative you are currently working on was a failure, what are the top three reasons why you think it might have failed?
Wouldn’t you rather know that now, and not after the project has already failed?
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