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Andrew MillerMiller’s Monday Morning Message
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Toronto – June 8, 2015
Last week I spoke at the FEI Canada annual conference, where more than 200 finance executives from around the country get together. I spoke on the role of the finance executive in fostering innovation and how to ensure the successful application of new ideas. We had some very spirited discussions on the topic.
My key message was that, as a leader, the behaviour you exhibit sets the tone for your organization. If an idea fails, how do you react? Do you reprimand the person or team that came up with the idea? The people responsible for implementing it? I have known organizations that still report on bad projects and ideas five years later because they are still ‘red’ on a status report. What message do you think that sends? Most of the people who worked on the idea will have left the organization or be so embarrassed that they walk around with their heads down in shame.
Is that the kind of environment you want to create?
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