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Andrew MillerMiller’s Monday Morning Message
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Andrew Miller on operational excellence, strategy, life balance and everything in between

Toronto – October 5, 2015

Through my extensive work with clients from around the globe, I’ve come up with five areas of critical importance that separate the successful companies from the also-rans. I’ve never seen a company that has more than three of them in place. How many does your organization have in place?

  1. Touch point leverage. This means you ensure that each time your product or service is “touched” by someone in your organization, that product or service is being improved and enhanced. Think of this as the difference between improving something with each touch point instead of just assembling it.
  2. Forget prioritizing, there’s only one. If you have too many priorities, then you have no priorities. You need to focus on the one thing that is going to make you most successful (accelerating growth, increasing market share, raising profit margins, etc.) and then every strategy and tactic you employ aligns with that to help you achieve it.
  3. Don’t let customers run your business. Said a different way, this means that your customers are not always right. You need to know when to use customer feedback and when to ignore it. A good test of this is to ensure that your customers’ self-interest doesn’t override your organization’s self-interest.
  4. Walk away from good opportunities. You should only be pursuing great opportunities, not good ones. Great opportunities are those that align with you priority and can have the biggest impact on your organization.
  5. Make the extrinsic intrinsic and the intrinsic extrinsic. You need to be able to take knowledge from the outside and make it intrinsic to your people. You also need to be able to take the knowledge that your people have individually and make it extrinsic so the rest of your organization can learn from it and apply it.

Score yourself from 1-5 on each of these five areas to see where you have the biggest area for improvement. If you are implementing Operational Excellence within your organization (or even considering it), these five elements are essential to your success.

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